Symptoms of Addiction to Vicodin

There are many symptoms of addiction to Vicodin, which is a pain medicine prescribed daily to many people for many different types of pain. Like most prescribed pain medicines, Vicodin is very addictive, especially for people that suffer chronic, long-term pain.

What are the Symptoms of Addiction?

Symptoms of Addiction to VicodinOne of the symptoms is obvious when a person starts taking the medicine more often and in larger amounts because sometimes the pain may get worse and the person will up the dose to control the pain. Another of the symptoms appears when a person sometimes finishes a month’s worth of Vicodin in two weeks and visits their doctor to try and get another prescription. When the addict’s doctor won’t give them more, they try going to other doctors and even emergency rooms to try to get more. The addict will sometimes show guilt because of the way he/she has been taking and getting the medicine.

Other symptoms are night sweats, trouble sleeping, or even muscle aches when the addict tries to stop taking the pain medicine. Other symptoms that friends and family can pay attention to or notice are the addict will want to be alone a lot more than they usually do; or they may start lying and stealing; the addict may have problems keeping money because they are spending it on getting Vicodin any way that they can.

Treatment for Vicodin Addiction

A person that is addicted to Vicodin may also distance themselves from good friends whom they have been friends with for a very long time and start making new friends. By the time symptoms of addiction have become obvious, it is increasingly time to seek professional, residential substance recovery treatment before the addiction gets out of control completely.