Success Stories

Best Drug Rehabilitation Gave Me What I Needed

“I use to not think I would never get over my addiction to cocaine. Before Best Drug Rehabilitation, my sole purpose in life was to get high. I did not care about family, friends, my job or anything else besides getting high. BDR gave me what I needed to not only kick my addiction, but to stay clean after leaving.”  - H L

Addiction Does Not Own Me Anymore

“I was bound by my addiction like a prisoner. I nearly died from an overdose. I was so ashamed of the grief and worry that I had caused my family and friends. I knew that I was given a second chance and I had to make the most of it. I sought treatment at Best Drug Rehabilitation and now I have my life back. It is not an easy road, but the payoff is way worth it! Addiction does not own me anymore!” -Ash

I Wish I Would Have Got Help Sooner

“At first I began by hiding my addiction from my wife, family and friends. Then it came to a point when I did not even care anymore. It wasn’t until I was ordered by court to either go to rehab or go to jail, that I considered getting help. Me and my wife found Best Drug Rehabilitation and were comforted when we found out the treatment plan I would be able to make for myself. Now that I know what I know, I wish I would have got help much sooner and saved myself and my loved ones a lot of pain.” – L J

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