What is a Drug Addiction?

What is a Drug AddictionConcerned citizens, as well as family and friends of our clients, will often ask us “What is a drug addiction?” An addiction is a physical dependence on a substance, usually characterized by violent withdrawals when the substance is not used. Thus, the answer is that it is a physical or physiological dependence on any kind of drug.

Addictions can occur from an overuse and over exposure of almost any drug. These addictions range from the common, tobacco and alcohol, to the illegal such as cocaine and heroin, and to prescription addictions such as morphine or OxyContin. All drug addictions can be extremely detrimental, resulting in everything from fractured relationships, financial ruin, and in extreme cases, overdose and death.

What are the Treatment Options?

Addictions can be easy enough to spot; a person who cannot go through the day without use of a drug is most likely addicted. It is important to note that abuse and overuse of a drug is what leads to an addiction and dependence, though in some cases any prolonged exposure to a drug can result in a drug addiction. In any case, quitting a drug with nothing more than willpower is often not an option. Professional help, through a drug addiction treatment plan is what is needed.

A drug addiction treatment plan takes place in a licensed drug addiction rehab center, like Best Drug Rehabilitation, and is a common and effective method of defeating an addiction to drugs. Drug addiction treatment plans can be customized based on the client’s needs and preferences in order to best suit the person’s treatment.

Learning More About Addiction

The easiest way to avoid a drug addiction is to avoid any overuse of drugs in the first place, staying away from illicit drugs and using prescription drugs in their recommended capacity. An addiction is an extreme reliance and dependence, and in this case a dependence upon drugs.

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