detoxDetox (detoxification) is the process used for safely eliminating drugs or alcohol from the body while also managing or minimizing withdrawal symptoms that might occur. Many addicts have the misconception that the process is a cure for addiction, but it is actually just the first step in successful recovery.

Most addictions are the result of physical dependency compounded by negative psychological or environmental factors that contribute to the individual’s perception that they need drugs or alcohol as a coping tool. Cleansing the body can only provide a solution to the physical aspect of addiction. Rehabilitation programs deal with the psychological factors.

What to Expect

Depending on the drug being abused, or the severity of the addiction, some uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms can be experienced during detoxification. Traditional treatment programs can provide medication to control or minimize these symptoms. Holistic programs rely on a combination of nutrition, exercise, and relaxation techniques to assist with withdrawal symptoms. It is conducted in a controlled environment under medical supervision to ensure that you experience a safe and effective withdrawal. Once your body has been successfully cleansed of the drug, you will be ready for the rehabilitation portion of treatment.

Best Drug Rehabilitation

Remember, removing the toxins from the body does not cure addiction, but is an important first step in your lasting recovery. Call Best Drug Rehabilitation to start your recovery today!

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