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What is Best Drug Rehabilitation?

Best Drug Rehabilitation is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that is dedicated to healing their clients physically, spiritually, and mentally from their addiction. Their goal is to provide options that allow clients to be able to create their own treatment program based on their needs and preferences. This is because there is not one treatment program that works best for every client. Our goal is to provide an encouraging and comfortable environment and an effective treatment plan that produces a lasting recovery for clients.

Best Drug Rehabilitation Manistee MI

Where is the Facility Located?

Best Drug Rehabilitation is located at 300 Care Center Drive in Manistee, Michigan. Manistee, MI has many beautiful beaches located on the shores of Lake Michigan, as well as many other inland lakes. It also has beautiful landscapes, forests, festivals, historical sites, specialty restaurants, and much more.

What treatment options are available at Best Drug Rehabilitation?

Best Drug Rehabilitation provides different programs for recovery in order to ensure that every client is able to get the most from their treatment. The tracks to treatment include:

  • Faith-Based
  • Holistic
  • Spiritual
  • Self-Help
  • Native American

Other programs available include:

  • Programs that allow clients to obtain their GED
  • Programs to help clients with other problems or addictions that could have resulted from their addiction, such as a sex addiction.
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Aftercare prevention
  • And many others

Best Drug Rehabilitation

Call Today To Start Recovery at Best Drug Rehabilitation

The programs at Best Drug Rehabilitation have saved many lives and will continue to save many more. To find out how they can help you or your loved one reach a lasting recovery, call us toll-free at (888) 202-5610.